Pets are family too

My love for photographing pets came in full force when Kingston was born. We meet him at only 2 days old and followed him through his journey! We were able to visit every couple weeks (which you'll see pictures below). Documenting his growth was important to me because dogs don't keep. Just like babies They grow even faster. Their puppy stage is gone in a blink of an eye. It breaks my heart how quick it happens. So he's been a sport ever since he was a baby, and now lets me photograph him whenever! But he'll do anything for food.

Seriously though, our pets are everything to us. They love us unconditionally and it's important to capture who they are too! Who they are with the family and their personality. Freezing those moments with them or of them are so important because their lives on this planet are so short. I'd give anything for pets to live longer, but all we'll have let are memories!

Personally, I've had pets pass away, we all have, but year ago I did have one die suddenly at only 12 weeks old. I was heartbroken and all I was left with was pictures I had on my flip phone (which are gone now) and a few on a point and shoot camera. Ugh. And I'll be honest, there were very, very few. If there was one thing that I could have today it would be pictures. I would do anything to have that, to relive those moments when I need it and now it's just too late.

In the moments of having a new puppy or kitten or any baby animal, it's just like having a newborn. All of your time is invested in them, getting them acclimated and comfortable. Trainings and learning each other. We forget to capture it all because life happens. And pets, they grow ten times faster! So yes, ya'll better capture them now! I don't care if they're 8 weeks or 8 years old. DO it! You'll never, ever, regret it!

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Capture who they are & who they are with you