Capture timeless moments

It's absolutely amazing what woman's bodies can do!

Let's be real, growing a human can be tough work, am I right? I can finally relate to all the flawless mommas out there, who make pregnancy look easy. Photographing pregnancy now hits home for me since I had such a hard go around! I look back and can't believe what my body did and what I was able to overcome! Everyone has a story, I want to capture it for you!

I know, I've heard all the reasons why people don't do it. Why people don't feel comfortable or feel weird because they're not used to their new (very temporary) bodies. But let's focus on the positives! You're growing a human in there! It's amazing. It's beautiful. You are creating LIFE! And these moments only happen for a short period of time and then it's gone! You just have to document it. Whether it's your first baby or your last baby, let me capture the next chapter! I want you to look back on these photos and be proud to see how beautiful you are & will be as you enter into or continue your path through motherhood!

I always tell people that there's two things you'll never regret doing photos of! First, a maternity session and second, the newborn session. They both happen very quickly and then those moments are gone before you know it. Pregnancy is a journey y'all, different for everyone yet glorious in its own way. Let's capture you, that beautiful bump & document your next big adventure!

The Client Closet

I've decided that it's so nice to have options for my maternity clients! This way you can save on buying a dress you'll only wear once! I also know what will photograph best too! If you want those dramatic dress tosses or elegant gowns, you're in the right place! You can browse through some of the options below but I do get new dresses in randomly so some may not be pictured yet! Fittings are scheduled a week or less before your session date for the best sizing and selection.

*If you are a maternity client & would like to use a dress below, you must scheduled a fitting date after you've booked!

The first two gowns are two pieces - they can be worn belly out or completely covered.

Don't miss out on this moment