Where to shoot?

I get this question all the time! It's hard to pick a spot to shoot sometimes! I tell all my clients to first think about a place that might have meaning to you. Is there somewhere you go as a family that you love? Is there family land or a private spot that you want to shoot at? I'm always down for new locations! And I believe that a location will give it more meaning if it's something special to you. Below are some examples of some local spots within Wilmington that we love to shoot at!

The beach * My personal favorite

I only shoot at Sunrise or Sunset for these! And location matters. Not every beach access or spot is the same!

I can't lie, it's honestly my favorite place to shoot! I'm a beach girl at heart and I live for sunrises & sunsets! I love everything the beach has to offer (minus the crazy winds sometimes). I love that it's a risk, because you never ever know what kind of sunset you'll get! I love that you can wear anything there, and I love that you can be so careless and free. Wrightsville beach is one of my favorites to shoot at but so are many of the islands off the coast! Just a quick boat ride over to paradise and we have the entire island to ourselves! It's the best. I also love fort fisher! You get a variety of backgrounds in one location. I do travel to most beaches on the coast within a 50 mile radius. Travel fee's will be applied to any locations outside of the what the package includes.

Just know, if it's warm enough you will get wet by the end of the session! So bring a towel, a change of clothes and get ready to have some fun!

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The New Hanover County Arboretum

This adorable little park is free to go to and it's a hidden little gem! Most photographers know about it so I try to avoid it on weekends. It's small enough to walk around the entire place so that you get some diversity in your photos. But it's my favorite to shoot there during the spring & summer! I love when everything is in bloom, it's so pretty! But I will say, it's pretty there all year round! You now have the option to have this location for yourself. Anytime after 5pm you can pay $150 for an hour to have the entire place to yourself with the best golden hour lighting!

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Greenfield Lake

This place is huge, so you'll have to pick your spot first because there's not enough time to get to a bunch of different places, most aren't walking distance. But it's a huge lake, and there's some bridges, with lots of pretty trees and foliage. My favorite time of year to go there is summer and fall! But it's pretty all year round.

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Abby's Nature Trail

I love this hidden gem, but it's a bit of a walk if you want to get to the bridge. This spot is perfect if you want a wooded area & dirt trail! And it gives you two different looks if you choose morning light or evening. And the best part, dogs are allowed!

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Harbor Way Gardens

This hidden gem is a sweet little garden beside Wrightsville Beach Park! It's the prettiest once in bloom (Spring thru Summer). If you walk the loop you pass it all the time!

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Belville Riverwalk

This gorgeous riverwalk gives you options in the woods and on the boardwalk. There's a big boardwalk and trees and then it has the water view on the other side as well! It's prettiest in the fall!

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Long Leaf Park

All the pine trees! This park is public, it has a small lake with a brown bridge, gazebo, benches, and lots of trees. Pretty all year round!

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Smith Creek Lake

Love this little spot, lots of trees that overlook the lake! And even a cute little dock to hang out on!

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Fort Fisher

This has to be one of my favorite locations, even though it's further then the mileage included in most packages, I think it's worth the travel fee. It's an $85 travel fee, but this location is special, it's the only place where you can get pictures with really cool trees, awesome rocks and the beach! Because it's right on the water, so you get all different types of shots & scenery in one special location.

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Historic Downtown

This is a cool spot! It's definitely a different vibe, lots of buildings, alleyways, brick, storefronts and the riverwalk. There's lots to see downtown but since there's so many cool spots you'll have to narrow down exactly where you want to be. Keep in mind it does get busy during tourist season so I avoid weekends during those times unless you're good with tons of people in the background!

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Bellamy Mansion

We love this historic spot in the heart of Downtown Wilmington, but there is a fee to get in! Please let me know if you'd like to shoot there. And if so, we will have to schedule a date (when they don't have any events or other scheduled things) and it must be a time within their business hours.

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Airlie Gardens

An absolutely gorgeous location, but they have a $100 photography fee. This might be different if you are a member, please check with them if you'd like to shoot there. There's a ton of different spots with gorgeous mossy trees & pretty structures to give you something different! Keep in mind, the season matters on when you do it for what's in bloom!

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Burgwin-Wright House and Gardens

An absolutely gorgeous location, they do have a $100 photography fee for an hour & $250 for 2 hours. To get any images in the house is an additional fee, please inquire. There's a ton of different spots with brick steps, flowers in bloom with whatever season you decide to do it in and a private spot where no one else will be!

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Private Locations

Do you have anywhere special you want to shoot?

Did you grow up on a farm or live your life on the water? I am always down to try something new! If you have a special place you want to shoot at, family land, a special spot where you got married, or somewhere different just for fun, I'm always open to new adventures! I love shooting at locations that have meaning! But keep in mind, if you do decide to shoot at a privately owned location that isn't family owned, it will most likely incur a fee which will be added onto your session fee. Most private locations, like Airlie Gardens & Bellamy Mansion are just a few examples who have rental fees. And keep in mind, there are only specific times they will allow you to shoot there. I can investigate these things for you! Just let me know your thoughts and we'll go from there!

Examples below are not available for use, these were all family land.

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