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Baby Milestones

Capturing baby's first year is the best! I love it! There are many changes, so much growth, but just not enough time. Whether you know it or not, they change so much and so fast! Most of you don't want to believe it, or maybe you want it to happen but you always want them to stay babies forever. We get it. They learn so many new skills, make different expressions and start to show their true personalities. The little smirks, sucking their thumb, the classic sad face bottom lip, excited faces, whatever they're doing at this stage in life, let's capture it! You'll want to get all those tiny moments before they're gone in an instant! You'll be so glad you did. We capture all milestones for the first year from 3 to 12 months!

And don't forget! Check out some options for baby's first year & after below! Our most popular package is our Cake Smash Session with Bubble bath add on! It's just so much fun!

In the studio

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Outside the studio

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Celebrate Baby's First year

Cake smashes are my most popular package for baby's first year! I mean, can you believe that the first year is already here! It's time to celebrate! Giving them something to do, rather then them just sitting there is much more fun, and I have to say it's pretty darn cute! One can be a tough age though, so the bubble bath can sometimes be a life saver if they decide cake just isn't their thing! We also believe that cake smashes don't just have to be cake! They can smash anything you want it to be! Maybe they want to smash fruit, or spaghetti or pizza or your favorite fast food when you were pregnant with them! Whatever you want them to smash or whatever makes it special, let's do it!

Let us create the set and document every cute little moment of those sweet babies one year celebration!

Premium Cake Smashes

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Simply One smashes

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Capture every year, not just the first!

I love baby's first year! I always suggest capturing each milestone from their first year. But after that once a year is great too! There's so much development that happens throughout their entire lives, it's always worth capturing!

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