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Simplicity is everything - That's what I want to capture for you!

Let me tell you the story of how this came about!

For me personally, I LOVE color & vibrancy but I also LOVE white and simplicity. They are two very different things when it comes to photography. For years I wasn't sure how to combine them because you simply can't. It's either, or. Which is why the studio came into play & why my love for simplicity was able to pour out!

In 2019 I drew up plans for my dream studio. Lots of drawings that were terrible but I knew what I wanted.

In 2020 we started to build my dream studio. Que unforeseen pandemic and finding out I was also pregnant.

In 2021 it was finally finished. But I was on maternity leave with a very colicy baby. Loss of creativity & focus happened because this new life needed me. Changed me & life itself.

In 2022 - it's finally come to LIFE! I'm finally able to get back to doing what I love while also being a mom too.

I can fully understand now that moments, especially in this stage of life are so precious. They're fragile and only last but so long. They're growing, changing & learning every single day. If you're a new mom, you're growing and changing every single day too. No matter what, this time in your life is so special. It's so important to capture it now so you can relive it each and every day. Because if there was one solid thing I learned from becoming a mom is you never slow down. Life goes by quicker each year that passes and I want those moments back.

Photos - that's all you have left.

It's the ultimate investment. It's the only splurge that gets more valuable with each & every year that passes. The only splurge that you'll truly NEVER, EVER regret.

the more simple & natural you make something the more emotion and beauty you get out of it.

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Pure. Natural. Moments

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