Samantha Ann Photography LLC | Investment 2017


"Professional Photography is a very important investment. One of the best investments, in my opinion."


Moments happen within an instant. You never get them back, and the memories fade quickly. That's where photography comes into play. Professional photography is a very important investment. One of the best investments, in my opinion. Photography brings all the memories back so you can relive them each and every day. Your little ones stay little for a very short amount of time. It happens within a blink of an eye. I don't believe in this investment solely because it's my job either. But it's important because I see things differently and from a different point of view. I also capture it much differently then your iPhone. Sometimes you need to put your devices down and just live a little. Don't be concerned with getting the shot, let me do that for you. Families need more laughs and more interacting, and I want to be able to capture that. Each and every image that's captured is an everlasting gift. It's something you and your family will be able to treasure forever. So before passing up the opportunity just think about it, this investment isn't one you'll ever regret.


Being a full time professional photographer isn't the easiest job, but I love every second of it.

Each and every image goes through a tedious process to ensure the best possible photos for your proofing galleries. But even before that, time is spent educating myself on new techniques, thousands of dollars worth of equipment and props to make all of the images you see here. And let's talk about the countless hours spent on editing each and every image. Once a photo shoot is over my job isn't over, in fact it barely started. From start to finish, there's e-mails, coordinating outfits/props, driving to and from a session, doing the actual session, choosing each best image from that session, editing each and every one of those picks, posting previews on Facebook, more e-mails and then finally preparing a proofing gallery for each client. It's not just an hour session, it's much, much more then that. And it's more then just snapping a photo. I'm creating beautiful images for you to last a lifetime. So after it's all said and done pricing is then justified for the time spent as a whole.  


I would absolutely love the opportunity to work with you and your family so we can create some wonderful memories for you to cherish forever. Packages starting at $200. For more information on all of the packages I have to offer this year please contact me directly and I will send you my Welcome Guide & Pricing Booklet for 2017



Prices subject to change without notice.